Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Trade mark reservation in South Sudan

A report has been received that the Ministry of Justice in South Sudan has issued a directive to officials at the Trade Mark Office to implement procedures for the “reservation of a trade mark” until a Trade Mark law is issued. The procedure is:

1.    A written application is submitted setting out the mark to be protected
2.    The Registrar searches the Registry database to confirm whether the mark is reserved or not.
3.    If the mark is not already reserved, it will be reserved in applicant’s name

As yet, there are no official fees for the reservation.

This part of the Empty Quarter hopes that one of the many international agencies likely to be assisting this fledgling State will be particularly focused on setting up a smoothly running Trade Mark Office. The Government of South Sudan has a good web presence for a new state ( which bodes well for an on-line Register.

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