Tuesday, 11 November 2014

UAE - Trade Mark Office announcement about errors in publications

The Trade Mark Office in the UAE has a considerable workload and limited resources. The resulting pressure manifests in many ways. Recently the error rate in publications in the Trade Mark Journal by the Trade Mark Office and in registration certificates has been high. 

On 6 November 2014 the Trade Mark Office issued a circular to "Trademark Registration Offices and Respected Law Firms" stating: "All Offices and Agents Registration and law firms, starting from the number of bulletin (146) to all Offices and Agents review their scores published ARB and correct errors during the period of objection, a (30) days prior to the payment of the final Registration fee where the Ministry will not modify any Certificate after it has been issued."

This part of the Empty Quarter believes that the Trade Mark Office is seeking to ensure that all agents check the publications in the Trade Mark Journal and report any errors to the Trade Mark Office before the end of the opposition period to ensure that errors are corrected before the registration certificate is issued. This is to be commended. Agents should check the publications in a timely manner.  This part of the Empty Quarter hopes that the Trade Mark Office will make the required corrections so that the registration certificates can start to be issued with the correct details. 

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