Monday, 11 May 2015

UAE - WCO and FCA organise an event on 20 May 2015

News from the Federal Customs Authority of an event organised in conjunction with the World Customs Organisation to take place at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai on 20 May 2015.

Day 1
Keynote Speech: FCA
First Session: UAE and IPR Legislation: Ministry of Economy, Federal Customs Authority, World Customs Organisation, Institute of Training and Judicial Studies
Second Session: Laws and Practices Regarding the Disposition of IPR Infringing Goods: TRIPS Agreement and UAE Law, Pharmaceutical Concerns Regarding Disposal of IPR Goods, International Customs Experience in IPR Goods Disposal
Third Session: Cooperation Between Customs and Private Sector in dealing with IPR: Dubai Customs,
Customs Experience Dealing with Private Sectors
Fourth Session: IPM Mobile: IPM Mobile, UAE Experience in IPM Mobile, Private Sector Experience in IPM
Fifth Session: Common and Specific IPR Issues: Electronics (MMF), Pharmaceutical (Pfizer), Automotive (Harley Davidson), Luxury Goods (Comité Colbert)

Day 2
First Session: Risk Management: WCO Approach on Risk Management; IPM Mobile Training;
Second Session: Tools to Target IPR Fraud—Private Sector Examples: Apple, Richemont, LV, Harley Davidson, Nike, Burberry, NestlĂ©, Pfizer, Bic.

This part of the Empty Quarter has attended many such events and hopes, as always, that there will be as much action as there is discussion. The sessions which catches the eye is the second session on day 1 on destruction. Many detained shipments of counterfeit product are alleged to have been exported rather than seized and destroyed in the UAE. This part of the Empty Quarter expects this session to be interesting.

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