Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Iraq - new requirements for class 5 applications

News from good friends Saba & Co (on their website here) of changes to practice in Iraq for class 5 applications. They report that:

"The Trademark Office in Baghdad recently introduced a revised set of requirements in support of trademarks applications in class 5, even though there was no Ministerial Resolution issued in this regard. Applicants are now required to provide the information listed below when filing applications covering pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations and sanitary preparations for medical purposes. This will apply on all new as well as pending applications that have not been examined yet.
  • International Nonproprietary Name
  • Name of manufacturer
  • Name of distributor
  • Drug formulation/Dosage form
After submission of the above information, the TMO is expected to obtain the approval of the country’s Ministry of Health before the underlying applications are placed for examination. The application will be rejected on formal grounds if applicant fails to provide all of the required information. It is still unclear whether the information must be admitted at the time of filing or within a specified period of time from filing date.

Syria is the only country in the Arab region to impose filing requirements that are specific to class 5 only (certificate of origin and list of ingredients). With Iraq now on board, the registration process for pharmaceutical trademarks becomes unique to class 5 in these two countries. For the remaining countries in the region, the process remains standard regardless of the type of class involved.

We will be reviewing files of all pending trademark applications and will be notifying clients of all missing information in order to complete the records at the TMO, and eventually place the applications in the pipeline for examination.

Should you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact us at"

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