Monday, 6 October 2014

Egypt and Oman sign a memorandum of understanding on substantive examination of patents

News from NJQ & Associates that Egypt and Oman have signed a memorandum of understanding on substantive examination of patents. The September 2014 issues of the NJQ & Associates newsletters says:

On 13 September 2014, the Head of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt and the Minister of Industry in Oman has signed a memorandum of understanding agreement with respect to cooperation in the field of patents and other intellectual property matters between both countries.

Accordingly, there will be an exchange of practices between both patent offices, and the Egyptian Patent Office (EGPO) will host researchers from the Oman Patent Office (OPTO) for training in substantive examination of patent applications in Oman. The EGPO will also send examiners to the OPTO for training purposes. Additionally, all pending patent applications in Oman will be examined by the EGPO.

Needless to say, the EGPO is an accepted examiner at WIPO and PCT offices.

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The news has also been reported by Saba & Co in the October 2014 Bulletin here which reads:

The Omani and the Egyptian Patent Offices signed a memorandum of understanding on September 10, 2014 in which the two offices will work together towards the development of capabilities at the Omani Patent Office.

The Egyptian Patent Office will also act as the examining office for all pending and new patent applications filed in Oman. The Egyptian Patent Office is the only Arab office that serves as an International Search Authority, as well as an International Preliminary Examination Authority.

The expected procedure in brief is as follows: upon passing examination as to form, the examination fees will be due. Following examination and upon acceptance, the application will be published in the Official Gazette. There will be an opposition period of four months, after which, assuming no opposition is filed, the application will be granted and the granted patent will be re-published in the Official Gazette and the related registration certificate (Letters Patent) will be issued.

The official fees related to this new procedure will be officially published and the examination process further described as soon as additional steps have been completed.

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