Sunday, 5 October 2014

Syria – legalisation of Powers of Attorney – update

Further news (earlier post here) from good friends AGIP about legalisation of Powers of Attorney in Syria in a news alert dated 3 October 2014:

DAMASCUS – Further to the press release statement of September 28, 2014, we would like to provide the following update on the legalization of the Power of Attorney in Syria.

After strenuous efforts, in liaison with other parties, we could persuade the Syrian Foreign Ministry to receive the Powers of Attorney with an earlier signing date up to one year backdate, and the Ministry will, thereafter, proceed with forwarding the POAs to the concerned security departments. The POA procedures will be as follows:

The Foreign Ministry receives the original POA giving receipt number and date, and then forwards this document to security departments for approval or rejection. If rejected, the original POA is retained with the Ministry. If accepted, the POA is further sent to the Interior Ministry, which in turn, will forward it to other security departments for clearance. Such procedures will take more than (4) months.

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