Friday, 13 November 2015

Libya - lots of updates on the functioning of the Trade Mark Office

Further to earlier posts here, here, and here there is a lot of news about the functioning of the Trade Mark Office in Libya.

Good friends Abdelhadi - Intellectual Property reported in a newsletter in October 2015 that "the Libyan Trademark Office is now fully operational. The Libyan TMO is currently accepting the filing of new trademark applications, renewal applications, assignments and amendment recordals. Furthermore, the TMO has proceeded with the issuance of 500 trademark registration certificates thus far."

Good friends Saba reported in their October newsletter (here) that "The Trademark Office in Libya began issuing trademark registration certificates for applications in the 5000 series after years of civil unrest in the country. In light of this new development, we will be reviewing the files for all pending applications awaiting certificates and will be following-up on their status with the TMO."

Good friends Clyde & Co report in their October 2015 IP Regional update (here) that "The Libyan Trade Mark Office has announced that it will resume issuing trade mark registration certificates for the first time since 2003.  The renewal due date will fall 10 years from date of filing which means that, for many applications, the renewal will fall due at the same time as (or shortly after) the certificate of registration is issued.  "We understand that the officials are currently issuing certificates for applications numbered around 5,500, which covers filings around the year 2006. Accordingly, there is a significant backlog to be cleared, but this is still welcome news for rights holders who have an interest in Libya. It is also important to ensure that the renewals are carried out to prevent a loss of rights." Jon Parker, Head of Trade Marks

NJQ reported (here) "This is to confirm that the Libyan Trademark Office (LTMO) has started issuing registration certificates as well as accepting renewal applications since 1 October 2015. Accordingly, any applications that have matured to registration (published and no oppositions raised) and that are still valid, a registration certificate will issue once payment of the official fees of LYD151 approximately USD111) has been made. As for expired applications, it is possible to issue renewal certificates after paying the normal renewal fee of LYD181 (approximately USD133) per application."

AGIP reported in their October newsletter (here) that "The Libyan Trademark Office announced that it has started issuing registration certificates for trademark applications for the first time since 2003. According to the Libyan Trademark Office, the renewal due date is 10 years as from the filing date, and therefore all the registration certificates will be due for renewal at the time of issuance. Obtaining such a certificate is important because it is an evidence that a particular trademark has been appropriately registered by the Libyan Trademark Office. It is also an evidence that the trademark registration process was successfully completed, which is considered as recognition by the Libyan authorities of the growing importance of trademark protection in Libya."

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