Monday, 23 November 2015

UAE - Trade Mark Office - on-line system to go live from Sunday 6 December 2015

The Trade Mark Office has today announced by email to all agents that the on-line filing system will go live on 6 December 2015. The system had been tested by all agents from September 2015

The announcement from the Trade Mark Office reads (translated from Arabic):

We would like to let you know that starting Sunday 6 December 2015 we will launch the following electronic services:

1. Filing an application to register a trade mark.
2. Filing an application to renew trade mark registration.

This will be through the following link: through which you can register a new username.

Please note that after submitting your application through electronic services, the forms of these services should be sent through regular mail to the office of the ministry in Abu Dhabi on P.O box 901 in the name of Trade Marks Department.

Please note that all the Customer Service Centres will stop receiving these application starting from the above mentioned date.

Should you have any queries please contact:
Mr. Mohammad Rayyan
Email: :
Tel: 043141647

Mr. Mahdi Masoud
Email: :
Tel: 026131434

The announcement is interesting for a number of reasons. The on-line system is limited to filing the application to renew or register the mark. All other parts of the process will continue to be handled in the usual way without the on-line system (i.e. by email and paper). Paper copies of the application file must be submitted by regular post to the Trade Mark Office in Abu Dhabi and neither the main office or the branch in Abu Dhabi will accept paper applications or the paper files (the risk of the paper files going missing is notable). There is no mention of how payment of official fees can be made.  

This part of the Empty Quarter feels that a cynic might ask if the sole benefit of the new system is that it simply transfers the burden of data entry from the Trade Mark Office to the local agent. To which a response might be that accuracy of records is vital and perhaps the local agents can assist the Trade Mark Office in achieving that. There will be further developments in the coming weeks.

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