Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bahrain - significant increases in official fees - effective 29 May 2016

News from good friends SMAS that official fees in Bahrain were increased on 29 May 2016. While full details are not available, this part of the Empty Quarter has been told that the official fees for a trade mark search for one mark in one class have increased from US$80 to US$265.

News from good friends Saba & Co by email. Their notice reads:

"Bahrain: Substantial Increase in Official Fees and Introduction of Online Publication

Pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 65 of 2016 approving the Implementing Regulations of the GCC Trademark Law, the official fees for trademark related matters have increased significantly across the board in comparison with their current level. The new rates became effective as of May 29, 2016 and will be applied on all new as well as pending applications.

The increase in fees has also been coupled with the introduction of an electronic Official Gazette (eOG). The eOG will be available in English and Arabic and is expected to be published every Thursday of each month. This electronic version will contain the particulars of each accepted trademark application and a representative drawing, along with a list of cancelled registrations. It will also contain the particulars of approved Recordals of License Agreements and Transfers of Ownership. For the time being, the eOG will not be including a list of renewed registrations, notices of office actions, as well as particulars of international registrations designating Bahrain.

The first eOG, planned to be issued on June 2, 2016, is expected to include around 1,000 publications. On the publication date or shortly thereafter, applicants should carefully review the information that appears in the eOG for accuracy. Any interested party may file an opposition against a published trademark within 60 days from publication date."

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