Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Oman - trade names must be in Arabic

News from the Omani Ministry of Commerce & Industry (here) of ministerial decision No 124/2016 Issued on 27 April 2016. Effective from the day after publication in Official Gazette 1145. The report reads:

"1 May 2016: Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry has issued a ministerial decision No 124/2016 regarding new regulations for the registration of trade names. The regulations states that the trade name should be formed of original Arabic words or translated to Arabic and it should not contain foreign words except for the subsidiaries of international companies registered in the Sultanate or the joint Omani-foreign companies or the wholly foreign-owned firms. The decision stated that registered trade name should not be split or changed either by addition or omission and the subsidiaries of a registered commercial entity are not allowed to go under an independent trade name. As per the regulation , the ministry of commerce and industry may reject a proposed trade name or change an existing trade name that is deemed noncompliant with the regulations. The regulations ban the registration of trade names that are consistent with well-known local or overseas firms. Banned trade names also include those bearing political, religious or military connotations or are consistent with the names of existing social or charitable organizations. The regulations also ban registration of trade names containing the word ‘Oman’ or Omaniyah."

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